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1 Estimate : I get a fixed price calculated on the number of KM

2 Booking : I confirm the booking of my trip (here)

3 Payment : I pay my reservation by CB online or Paypal

4 Confirmation : I receive an email recapitulating my reservation

5 Start your trip : My driver picks me up

Payment by Mobile

  • Booking by phone
  • Payment by SMS in the blink of an eye
  • Without card number or codes
  • Check all your payments
  • Unique price and known in advance

Take advantage of all Gyors Transport services with one click


1. Estimate

I select my route from the drop-down menu


2. Booking

I pay for my reservation online or on board


3. Start your trip

My driver picks me up at the address of my choice

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One-click order

One-click order

Booking in advance

Booking in advance

Fixed Prices

Fixed Prices

Simplified payment

Simplified payment

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